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WWE MAIN EVENT, 7/29/14—Corpus Christi, TX
Did you miss Dean Ambrose last night? Have no fear, for The Master of the Loony Bin showed up to Corpus Christi, and guess for whom he was looking?

Not Alberto Del Rio, I’ll tell ya that much.

To keep Ambrose at bay, it was announced last night on Raw that he was competing against Del Rio on Main Event, and it was only even more irritating for The Mexican Aristocrat to add salt to the wound of not being able to fight Seth Rollins. No matter, however, as Dean took it to Alberto and was about to give him his just desserts for threatening to separate Ambrose’s arm and take it home with him when…

Dean Ambrose def. Alberto Del Rio via disqualification after interference from Seth Rollins

Rollins escaped Ambrose’s fury, but Del Rio did not as he was on the receiving end of a message-sending Dirty Deeds in addition to losing.

Keep throwin’ ‘em at Dean; he’ll knock ‘em all down (pretty sure he’s said this before many-tine-tanies as well).

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"I guess there comes a point where you have to send them their separate ways but - and it’s just my opinion - I don’t think they were ready. I don’t think they’re ready to fly solo. I realise where they’re going and that WWE will push Roman Reigns straight to the top. However for me, Dean Ambrose is by far the most talented in that group and I think eventually if they just give him the spotlight then he’s going to shine. As soon as he touches a mic everyone else can just sit down as he’s magic on it. So it remains to be seen, I think they’re all talented but to me Dean was the star of that group. I think Roman looks like the star of that group but I don’t think he’s nearly as talented as Dean." - Batista, Huffington Post UK

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“I want you wondering…is tonight the night that Dean Ambrose gets even?”

I want you wondering…is tonight the night that Dean Ambrose gets even?

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Power 25 Rankings for July 26, 2014

Power 25 Rankings for July 26, 2014

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WWE SMACKDOWN—7/25/14, Orlando, FL
A rematch from Monday night prompted Dean Ambrose against Cesaro; however this time, in honor of letting these two loose with steel chairs and everything else under the ring, it was no disqualification.

And boy was it a physical contest of craft and punishment.

Dean Ambrose def. Cesaro via pinfall

During the match, Mr. Money in the Bank himself made his presence felt to Ambrose, but that didn’t stop The Master of the Loony Bin from scoring a victory over The King of Swing. After the match, however, Rollins ambushed Ambrose again and bested him with a curb stomp, leaving him…struggling to his feet as it just wasn’t enough.

Figure out something, Rollins, because this is getting tired.

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